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This page in the database features extensive information on the NBA Draft. You can find there the current NBA Draft Early Entrance list from Europe, former European draftees or Early Entrance candidates.

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Main rules for European players concerning the NBA Draft

An International player is eligible for the NBA Draft when

  • The player is or will be twenty-two (22) years of age during the calendar year of the Draft (e.g. for the NBA Draft 2010, all players born in 1988 are eligible if they have not been an early entrant or drafted before)

International players are players that

  • have maintained a permanent residence outside of the United States for at least the three (3) years prior to the Draft, while participating in the game of basketball as an amateur or as a professional outside of the United States
  • have never previously enrolled in a college or university in the United States
  • did not complete high school in the United States.

Special case

  • The non-international player has signed a player contract with a “professional basketball team not in the NBA” and has rendered services under such contract prior to the Draft (e.g.: exiting college and sign a pro contract –> Lucca Staiger, signing a pro contract after US High School –> Patrick Beverley)

Early Entrance

An International player can declare for the NBA Draft before he is or reached twenty-two years of age.

  • If the player is or will be at least 19 years of age during the calendar year in which the Draft is held, he can declare himself eligible for the NBA Draft (e.g. for the NBA Draft 2010, the player must be born in 1991, 1990 or 1989). The player must sent a writing to the NBA at least 60 days prior to the NBA Draft (in 2010, the deadline is on the 25th April 2010).
  • The player can withdraw his early-entrance candidature at latest 10 days before the NBA Draft (in 2010, the deadline to withdraw is on the 14th June 2010)
  • A player shall not be entitled to withdraw from more than two (2) NBA Drafts

Source: 2005 NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement

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