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U18 European Championship 2014: Serbia/Greece

October 30th, 2014 · 1 Comment

Here are some notes I still had as a Draft from the U18 European Championships 2014 that I wanted to share. They cover the teams from Serbia and Greece but can not be considered as full scouting reports as it is just the notes I put down which normally are supports for the profile I have in my head.

Danilo Ostojic – 2m03 – SF/PF – 1996 – Serbia

  • runs the floor well and can finish after a bad pass too
  • not that explosive of two feet
  • tries to use his weak hand to finish but does not protect the ball that well

Radovan Djokovic – 2m00 – SG/PG – 1996 – Serbia

  • mid range floater off the back board on good cross 1st step
  • nice fake and drive action to get the foul call
  • can find the roller out of the flare screen
  • underhand runner tough
  • precise passes in transition
  • catch and shoot looks excellent

Stefan Lazarevic – 1m98 – SF – 1996 – Serbia

  • defensive rebound and attacks the rim full court
  • floater from 3-4 meters out of the dribble from 3ptr
  • attacks the middle on left hand then spins and finishes with right handed hook over the board from 2-3 meters

Vasilije Vucetic – 2m07 – C – 1996 – Serbia

  • jump hook
  • struggles against Papagiannis on defense
  • attacks Papagiannis face to face and beats him baseline creating the space nicely
  • quite quick feet in the low post
  • but lacking the shooting touch

Kostas Mitoglou – 2m05 – PF – 1996 – Greece

  • can hit it from deep baseline
  • can play in the post and pass out of it
  • jump shot not stable at all
  • he does not really jump and overall fluidity is not there
  • likes to be in the passing lanes
  • not really fast in the break

Dimitrios Stamatis – 1m92 – PG/SG – 1996 – Greece

  • can create his shot out of the dribble
  • good first step
  • mid range jumper
  • finishes left handed when coming from the right
  • attacks the basket really well
  • two feet stop to finish and draws the foul
  • can finish the tough one with his left hand in contact
  • front layback after explosive drive to the basket great

Georgios Papagiannis – 2m14 – C – 1997 – Greece

  • can pass it with his left nicely
  • not a great runner
  • slow reactions and moves
  • takes the jumper from FT line
  • positions well down low but hands and explosiveness are not great
  • lateral defense is ok but not great
  • shot blocking timing and presence is good
  • rolls well and catches it on alley-oop hard dunk
  • finishes with two hands in a strange move from 1-2m

Vasileios Charalampopoulos – 2m07 – SF – 1997 – Greece

  • ball handling not superb
  • prefers clearly his left hand
  • not explosive on the first step
  • does not come of the ground
  • good stable body
  • goes to the rim for the rebound

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  • 1 alexis // Dec 10, 2014 at 2:10 pm

    I’m curious about Turkey and Croation prospects I would like to read some about them.

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