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Twitter Weekly Updates for 29-8-2010

August 29th, 2010 · No Comments

Still on holidays which explains that there no new posts or tweets about the ongoing World Championship. But here, you can at least find a recap of the messages from my Twitter account of last week.

  • Lunch @hiltl done. Now off to San Bernardino #
  • no prob, i learned a lot about Turkish music ๐Ÿ™‚ RT @Euro_Adventures: @ChristopheEPcom Yeah…I know. Had to go on a USA hoops podcast #
  • leisure RT @rodgerbohn: @ChristopheEPcom For work or for leisure? #
  • I was waiting for them coming out as well RT @petite1ze: @ChristopheEPcom someone wished soldiers to come out of the trojan horse #
  • No Turkey for me. I go on a Balkan trip for 3 weeks from tomorrow RT @rodgerbohn: @ChristopheEPcom You in Turkey my man? #
  • Andrew Albicy is already burning, hitting mutliple shots from mid-court RT @basketusa #
  • Stop complaining about the ceremony. If WC would be in Holland, the opening ceremony would have been like this hahaha #
  • can you explain a bit more? RT @petite1ze: @ChristopheEPcom ahahahaaa :)) i wish you could read the twits in turkish :)) full of embarrasmen #
  • RT @xb7: @ChristopheEPcom He reportedly remains pledged to Bradley University #
  • RT @xb7: @ChristopheEPcom Michael Ochereobia of Canarias Basketball Academy has enrolled in American junior college. #
  • That’s it, the ceremony is over. It was nice, and I increased my followers from Turkey by 100000% ๐Ÿ™‚ Sagol Tรผrkiye #
  • oh, i just saw she even has the beauty mark RT @makabayai: @ChristopheEPcom woman in red dress is turkish cindy crawford:) #
  • TBF should send Oguz Savas practice his athleticism with these dancers #
  • These fighting scenes remember me this #
  • Are any of the players live at the Ceremony? #
  • Thats what I thought as well RT @Mertoya: @ChristopheEPcom actually we are really close friends with greek people. just goverment in fight #
  • yeah, it really like it RT @cem141: @ChristopheEPcom did you like it or..?I think it might be a little interesting for you guys.. #
  • Man the response of Turkish Twitterers is big. I learnt something about Turkish Music in a few minutes. I only knew Manga and Tarkan before #
  • I think the announcer said Greek, not sure though RT @canisbakan: @ChristopheEPcom he is italian i believe #
  • I prefer this than having now Shakira for example RT @pasabalyemez: @ChristopheEPcom what do you mean ? good or bad ? #
  • yeah, singing with a Greek. Political symbol or just entertainment? RT @canisbakan: @ChristopheEPcom this is turkeys best ever Sezen Aksu #
  • Great, thanks RT @canisbakan: @ChristopheEPcom moustache one is muslum gurses, before that long haired one ise fatih erkoc #
  • Turkish friends: Who are these singers at the opening ceremony? #
  • HELLO?!?! @osb1846 @Euro_Adventures @gruebler @TalkBasket @lithuaniabasketball No one blogging live the first major event? Opening Ceremy! #
  • Welcome @TalkBasket to @flattrme With Flattr you can support Bloggers. Want to know more #
  • Sasu Salin signed with Union Olimpija. Check out my article incl. Video Analysis on the Finnish guard prospect #
  • RT @TheHoopsMarket: Union Olimpija signs Sasu Salin to a three-year contract #
  • Ruben Spoden (89) Looking To Make Strides With The Walter Tigers Tuebingen #
  • Preparing a Sasu Salin Video. Will be online tonight #
  • RT @FIBAWorld: FIBA suspends Greek & Serbian players after tournament brawl #
  • Union Olimpija confirmed that they are interested in young Finnish SG/PG Sasu Salin (192cm, 1991) #
  • #76 in City Ranking RT @Eil82: How about my hometown, Malaga? I’m sure is not only me following your stuff! #
  • If you want more stats, tell me #
  • More stats: Top10 Cities: Belgrade, Berlin, Vilnius, Ljubljana, Paris, Athens, London, Barcelona, Kaunas, Zagreb #
  • interesting RT @Eurohopes: Eurohopes summer visitors top-10: Spain, Serbia, USA, Italy, UK, Denmark, France, Greece, Croatia,Germany #
  • Thanks a lot RT @Lukabassin: @ChristopheEPcom If I’m not wrong you are celebrating today. Happy birthday, Christophe! #
  • Sasu Salin continues: 23mins, 16pts (2pt 1/4, 3pt 4/7, Ft 2/2), 3rebs, 1ast, 1 TO in a 84-86 loss versus Italy. #
  • Mockevicius heeds NBA legend call | via @AddThis #
  • German Mauricio Marin (1m88-94) will be in the roster of RSV Stahnsdorf for the upcoming ProB season. He will also play NBBL with IBBA B … #
  • Still thinking on that last defense.Why did USA play zone? is it really that important to win this one + take away the surprise for the WC? #
  • Great read and thx for promoting my FIBA TV affiliation RT @inthegamebasket: Greece WC 2010 preview #
  • A somehow strange end to the game. But interesting. #
  • that was a huge basket. Nice. We will see… ๐Ÿ™‚ RT @Lukabassin @ChristopheEPcom …or is it? #
  • USA now going for the individual plays? hmm, not the right choice IMO #
  • Kevin Durant would be a great Euroleague player ๐Ÿ˜‰ #
  • I feel a bit like the US players, but the other way around. Who are those players on the American team? never saw them play ๐Ÿ˜‰ #
  • We have a game now!! Oh a-nearly brawl ๐Ÿ™‚ #
  • France up 41-29 at half versus CIV RT @airball: C’est la mi-temps et les Bleus dominent la Cรดte d’Ivoire 41-29 avec un super Ali 12pts, 4rbs #
  • Thx everyone for the quick help!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ #
  • Got a stream. Lets see how long it works #
  • NO RT @Euro_Adventures: @ChristopheEPcom Do you have NBA-TV or ESPN3? You can catch it there. #
  • What is this @FIBAWorld Why is the stream not working for me? Blocking LUX is kind of strange?? Anyone can help? #
  • Article and Video on Adam Hanga (2m01-1989) done. Will be online tomorrow morning. Now getting ready for Spain-USA. #

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