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Albert Schweitzer Tournament 2008: the best of the rest

April 6th, 2008 · 1 Comment

After having analyzed in the detail the four best placed European nations of the tournament, I will come back to the other European teams, unfortunately only in a shorter fashion as I saw these teams only once in Mannheim. Also, I will limit myself really to the main players of these teams in order to not go too much in the detail.

Tomislav Zubcic (2m08 – Forward – Croatia)

Zubcic was probably the biggest pure basketball talent of the whole tournament. Nearly seven foot tall, incredibly quick for his size and able to play both the forward positions as well as PG if necessary. In the only game of him where I was present, he showed all he can do in just one quarter. Post-ups against smaller guys, jump hooks, finger roll finishes after powerful drives, but also a very nice eye for his team mates and three point shots without any problem.

The Croatian was clearly also the go-to-guy of his team and he tried to play the big points. However he failed sometimes but also came up with nice plays. He still needs to improve his passing timing to become also a perfect passer even if he was the third best passer of the tournament. But his huge number of turnovers shows how often he has the ball in his hands. He is definitely one of the players to follow in the future. I did not agree on his selection in the All-Tournament team not because of a missing talent but of the poor results of the team.

Femi Oladipo (1m99 – Forward – Germany)

The German SF was probably one of the surprises of the tournament. With his athletic playing style, the Bremerhaven forward was the top scorer of the German team. He is a good offensive rebounder and scores a lot around the rim. He has 3pt range, but only took 2 shots from behind the arc, and he netted both of them. His shooting mechanics have to be improved, he has no fluid jump shot move to score. He can finish with both hands close to the basket and has good control of his body. 

Leon Radosevic (2m08 – Forward – Croatia)

Another interesting player from the very strong Croatian front-court. Radosevic showed a very good mid-distance shot and he rebounds strongly. He is not driving that much, relying more on his jump shot which he can also nail in the big moments of a game. Radosevic is highly athletic and is present on the shot blocking section as well. He was the top scorer of the Croatian team during the tournament with also very good shooting percentages.

Honorable Mentions

Other player that I noted were: the Russian forward Vladimir Ivlev, a 2m04 inside player who a nice defensive presence in the paint and also showed some interesting offensive moves. Pasquale Paolisso, an Italian forward who excelled in the rebounding and inside working section to score multiple free-throws. Maik Zirbes, the large German center who was the top rebounder of the team and showed some powerful moves around the basket. Simon Schmitz did a nice job as PG of the German team. He drives a lot to the basket and can control the game very well.

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