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Adidas Eurocamp Treviso 2010: Day 2

June 7th, 2010 · 3 Comments

The second day of the Adidas Eurocamp 2010 is in the books and the result was a bit the same than on Day 1: no really big surprises in terms of the sighting of new talents and the confirmation of the talent of some of the other guys. Additionally, the cancellation of a Miroslav Raduljica workout was one of the topics in the stands as the Serbian Center showed through this move that he is not interested in the NBA.

The first game of the day was the matchup between the French and the Croatian U20 National Teams. The game was highly interesting as you could get a first look at the talent level of both nations for the upcoming U20 European Championships that will be played in Croatia and where the hosts want to win at least a Medal. Without Leon Radosevic and Tomislav Zubcic, they looked very interesting against a French team that has some interesting potential as well. Croatia started also with a new player compared to Saturday’s game as they had Ivan Ramljak on the court who had no number and did not appear in the official stats afterwards. The right handed forward finished with 13pts and 9rebs probably as we could not remember Ivan Buva putting up these numbers. Toni Prostran was less effective than the day before but this was mainly the result of the excellent defense of NBA Early Entrant Andrew Albicy from Paris-Levallois who showed why he is getting minutes in the French ProA. He is an excellent defender and showed some nice PG skills and finished with 4pts, 6rebs, 5stls and 7asts. Once the French coach has understood that the best guard setup is to play with both Albicy and Paul Lacombe on the court, the French team came back from a 10 point deficit to take over the lead and bring the win home. The Trophée du Futur MVP Lacombe played a major role in these moments as he had several steals and nice passes for his team mates. The ASVEL player finished with 11pts, 3rebs and 3stls. Mickael Var stepped up in the second half as well with 7pts, 7rebs and 2asts while the scoring guard Lens Aboudou had his main moments in the first half. On the Croatian side, everybody was expecting a bit more coming from Euroleague forward Mario Delas but the former Split player had some trouble against the athletic French inside players and finished with only 11pts at 2 out of 8 shots. Josip Bilinovac added 11 for the Croatian team.

The first game of the day between the campers was a bit of a coming-out show for Robin Benzing. After having sit down the second half of the All-Star game the day before, the German forward had to show something and this is what he did on day 2 of the Adidas Eurocamp. He was clearly the best player of this game finishing with 17pts (7/9 2FGs and 1/4 3s) looking very aggressive on the offensive end and trying to score against any defense. The few words he exchanged with his agent Marko Pesic the night before telling him that this is a different setting than the usual Bundesliga game had their effect. After struggling a bit to accommodate to the NBA Three-point line, Benzing took some confidence in the game by hitting a few Euro 3s and mid range floaters out of the curl to finalize his performance with a nice 3pts shot from NBA distance. Josep Franch did a nice job as well as the Spanish guard finished with 13pts while Ousmane Camara was working like crazy in the paint and finished with a game-high 12 rebounds together with his 8pts. Camara unfortunately has not the best hands on offense as he struggled to catch passes and bricked his FTs badly. But he was putting a lot of energy on the court and worked extremely hard on rebounding situations and screens being one of the few players doing so.

The third game of the day was not really exciting and Thomas Heurtel continued his passing show with some really nice dishes followed by some very bad decisions however. He is really somehow a mixed bag at the moment as he shows some sparks of greatness to be followed by strange shots or passes. The problem is that this decision-making is apparently not only limited to the camp’s setting but it is also with him during the normal games in his regular season. He finished with 8pts and 6asts. Edwin Jackson was a lot less impressive than he was in the first day as the French guard had only 4pts in the game looking less aggressive. The Latvian Rolands Freimanis put some numbers on the table with 8pts, 6rebs and 4stls while Pietro Aradori decided to score 11pts. On the other team, Nihad Dedovic had 11pts, 4stls and 4tos while Bangaly Fofana came up with 8pts and 3rebs.

One of the players that stepped up compared to last season was Nikos Pappas. He looked more concerned and in the game in this type of event which is probably not really his favorite exercise and despite some difficult behind the back-passes that did not arrive at destination, Pappas showed his nice feel for the game but creating good opportunities for his team mates. Being totally dominant on U18 level 2 years ago where he outsmarted nearly everybody, the season he played in the GreekA1 helped him to adjust to the Senior level and this could be seen in Treviso.

Robin Benzing continued his nice day with a good performance at the All-Star Game where he adjusted his shot to the NBA distance and raised some eyebrows on a great +1 shot from behind the arc. He draws a lot of contacts and was one of the players that stepped the most often to the FT line in the contest. He came out of the vitals section with being now officially measured at 2m12 with shoes and finishing the All-Star Game with 14pts, 3rebs and 4stls. Ludovic Vaty  had 11pts and 6rebs while Matias Nocedal came up with 11pts and 2asts. On the other side, Dejan Musli had 16pts and 9rebs while Ousmane Camara had 10pts and 9rebs.

Vitals plus/minus (without shoes)

The gainers/losers of the official measurements are the following players:

  • Tomas Satoransky measured at 1m99 without shoes compared to the announced 1m96 was one of the few positive surprises. The Czech guard also had the second best vertical of all campers with 96cm in free jump.
  • A lot more common were the size decreases though and for some of the campers, we really wondered if the announced heights were not more a printing error than a serious indication. Matias Nocedal went from the announced 1m92 to 1m87, Josep Franch from 1n98 to 1m89, Vladimir Jankovic from 2m03 to 1m98, Oleksandr Kolchenko from 1m98 to 1m85 (!!), Nikos Pappas from 1m96 to 1m91, Xavi Rabaseda from 2m01 to 1m95 or Lucas Alves from 2m06 to 1m98 (!).
  • One of the most interesting players of the whole camp not only by his playing performance but also underlined by his vitals is the Greek 1992 born Linos Chrysikopoulos. The forward was measured with 2m03 and a 2m15 wingspan while having a 85cm free jump vertical. Other interesting vitals were Bangaly Fofana with a 2m28 wingspan which gave him biggest standing reach as well with 2m87. Edwin Jackson excelled in the Verticals with his feet set as the French guard had an incredible 79cm putting him ahead of anybody else.

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  • 2 docomicro // Jun 8, 2010 at 10:24 am

    Could you tell me where i can find the official mesurements ?
    The official website of the adidas eurocamp is pretty useless.

  • 3 Christophe // Jun 8, 2010 at 7:05 pm

    I have added all the measurements in a separate article

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