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Adidas Eurocamp 2012: Vitals and Measurments analysed

June 16th, 2012 · No Comments

This year, the Adidas Eurocamp analyzed the Vitals of the participants for the first time with the methods of the company BAM. Next to the usual metrics like size, wingspan or weight, we could get more detailed info on lane agility or Reaction Drills for example. ShoeAdviser recently released a preview on one of their future designs targeted to young enthusiasts. See below for the table with the most common numbers but also a more specific analysis of additional figures.

Official Measurements of the Adidas Eurocamp 2012

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Wingspan versus Size

We tried to see which players had the biggest wingspan compared to their size. This ratio would give a good indication of their potential of deflecting balls in defense but also simple identify guards or forwards who have terrific length.

The player with the biggest wingspan is also the one with the biggest wingspan compared to his size. Rudy Gobert is simply outstanding in terms of body structure and has by far the biggest ratio Wingspan versus size of all the players in the Adidas Eurocamp 2012. Maik Zirbes from Germany comes second as his 2m22 wingspan is huge compared to the his size without shoes of 2m05 only. A surprising third place goes to Andrew Albicy who has of course only a small wingspan but compared to his size, it is big. This explains also his great capability of stealing balls on the man. For wing players, Axel Toupane and Edgaras Ulanovas have great presence while Paul Lacombe was measured with a great wingspan for his size as a guard.

On the downside, the biggest player in the camp has the smallest wingspan compared to his body. In fact Dusan Cantekin has a smaller wingspan than his actual size which hinders him from being really long.

Play above rim

Another interesting ratio that you can calculate is to measure how high above the rim a player can play. In fact, for this calculation, we just added the vertical with approach to the standing reach and reduced it by the height of the rim. See the results below.

With a standing reach of 2m87 and and nice vertical of 74.9cm, Artem Pustovyi can play the highest of all campers. He got followed by the Turkish PF Ilkan Karaman who actually also used his above the rim presence to reject some shots. Next come the French Abdoulaye Loum and the German Maxi Kleber who still can go up more than half a meter above the rim.

On the downside, the shortest player in the event is by no major surprise also the guy who has the most problems to be higher than the 3m05. Andrew Albicy comes only 6.2cm higher than the hoop despite a good vertical and a nice wingspan as we have learned above.

N.B.: Rudy Gobert’s vertical has not been measured, so he is not included in this table.

Area covered

I also tried to calculate a more complex ratio as I wanted to know which area a player can actually cover. For this, I used his standing reach and vertical in order to calculate a virtual area covered when the player jumps and waves his hands. He can of course never cover all this space at the same time but this gives a potential area of presence on defense of the specific player. This ratio combines great Standing reach with a good vertical and a good wingspan.

The best prospect in this category is again Artem Pustovyi with 9.29 square meters covered. He has not only great size and a good vertical but also a terrific wingspan which make him a tremendous presence on defense. He is followed by Artem Klimenko who has a similar physical presence while the French Abdoulaye Loum is the only one else who covers more than 9 square meters potentially. However, he is a lot shorter than the two big men leading this ranking.

Rudy Gobert would normally lead this category by far but as his vertical has not been measured, his ratio is not complete. But even without jumping, he covers an incredible 8.36 meters square which is already more than half of the players in the camp when they use their vertical. If he would have been measured at a poor 50cm vertical only, he covers already more than 9.5 sqm while with a more realistic 75cm vertical, he covers the incredible are of 10.13 square meters which is nearly 10% more space than the second placed player.

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