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Xmas Tournament Kortrijk 2014: the Bigs

January 7th, 2015 · 2 Comments

The level of inside prospects was not that great in the Xmas Tournament 2014 in Kortrijk. However, here are a few shorter scouting reports on the players that stood out one way or another.

Roby Rogiers – 2m03 – PF – 1997 – Basket@Sea Oostende

Rogiers looks like a promising power forward for the Belgian team from Oostende. Playing basketball on a serious level only for a short time, the 2m03 tall forward showed a good all-around skill set that promises a good upside potential. Rogiers can finish with either hand at the rim and his mid-range shot look promising. Out of the Pick and Roll, he is capable to put the ball on the floor without losing his balance or coordination. His handle even allows him to push the ball up the court in transition after a rebound or a block shot. Rogiers is hustling hard on the court and with his quick feet, he is very active on the offensive glass. With the lack of size in the different Belgian youth ranks, he should see a lot of playing this summer with the U18 National Team.

Eyke Prahst – 2m07 – PF – 1997 – BBA Ludwigbsurg

Prahst started the tournament extremely well with two great plays, facing his defender and beating him out of the low post or from the top of the key for an And1 score. He definitely did not miss the opportunity for a positive first impression. Next to his drives to the basket, Prahst also showed a nice jump shot around the key but he was not very effective when he went further out to the three-point line. However, he should be able to develop a good outside shot over the next years. His ball handling is good enough that he can help to bring up the ball against the press as he has quite a good speed on the dribble and a surprising court vision and foot work. In all, Prahst has a lot of interesting tools to work with as the 17 year old combines good size, skills and upside potential for the future.

Tim Altenbeck – 2m10 – C –1997 – BBA Ludwigsburg

Tim Altenbeck was the second 97 born big in the German team and he had quite a different playing style compared to Prahst. Altenbeck nailed a couple of outside shots, also from behind the arc while his touch inside the paint was sometimes a bit shaky. On the other hand, the nearly seven feet tall German does not move too bad and created several times good positions for himself close to the basket. Not the most explosive guy, Altenbeck is using a good amount of fakes to get open in the paint. The 2m10 tall inside player can also come up with some dribbles and spin moves when he attacks the basket but his lack of athleticism might hinder him from becoming a top-level prospect. He should however develop into an interesting player for the Ludwigsburg pro team in the next 2-3 years.

Ivan Bojanic – 2m08 – PF/C – 1997 – Belgrade Selection

Ivan Bojanic was the main inside option for the Serbian finalists. The 2m06 tall big guy was used as a low post threat as he has a good arsenal of moves close to the basket. He can finish on the jump hook both to the middle or over the baseline. When facing the basket, Bojanic can take the long 2 pointer and should be able to develop a three point shot over the next years. With his body, he can create good positions in the paint too and he is a good finisher from close. He lacks top level foot speed which would make him a stretch-four prospect for the top level but Bojanic, who will compete with Partizan at the Adidas Next Generation Tournament in Belgrade, should develop into a good prospect in the next years.

Bratislav Jekovic – 2m00 – PF/SF – 1996 – Belgrade Selection

The Serbian forward had to play in a stretch four role for the Belgrade selection even if he is only 2m00 tall and probably more of a Small Forward prospect. He can knock down three-pointers quite well, he had a couple of long range finishes at the buzzer. Jekovic can put the ball on the floor to attack the basket and came even come up with the occasional drive and dish play as he reads the defense correctly. He was a tremendous asset in Pick and Pop situations as he can attack the close out well and finish at the rim against players of his size.

David Jelinek – 2m04 – PF – 1997 – GBA Academy

David Jenlinek played an interesting tournament as undersized inside player. He can be a very interesting option for smaller Colleges as he can finish in the post and is physically quite strong. Jelinek can also step out and shot from around the key and even up to the three point territory. He runs the floor well, plays hard and should develop well in the Czech program over the next months.

Denis Bosak – 2m16 – C – 1996 – GBA Academy

The tallest player of the tournament was also a member of GBA Academy. Denis Bosak is a 2016 recruit who moves quite well and has good speed but currently lacks the toughness to be a big offensive threat in the paint. He has some shooting touch and positions well but his lack of wingspan reduces his real length inside.

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  • 1 Spike Spiegel // Jan 27, 2015 at 1:22 am

    Unfortunately, 6’10” PF/C Ivan Bojanić (’97) won’t compete with Partizan at the Adidas Next Generation Tournament in Belgrade. Bojanić is said to suffer from the now-traditional and sadly notorious “BC Partizan’s Anterior Cruciate Ligament injury syndrom”. This came as a huge blow for him, his club and Serbia’s U18 national squad.

    Quite a bad beginning of the year for serbian big men prospects as Rabun Gap’s class of 2015 uncommitted 6’10” PF Dušan Kovačević (’96) is also said to be done for the season with a stress injury to navicular bone in his foot. I feel sad about him given that Kovačević previously missed last year’s U18 European Championship as a result of a severe finger injury two days before the start of the competition.

  • 2 Christophe // Jan 27, 2015 at 11:56 pm

    Thanks Spike for the updates on these Serbian bigs