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NBA Draft 2010 European Early Entries Analysis (Pt. 2)

May 1st, 2010 · 1 Comment

Today we check out the second part of the NBA Draft Early entrants from Europe. This list contains mainly those players where the presence for the NBA Draft 2010 has only been announced a few days before the early entry deadline.

Xavi Rabaseda – 1m99 – SG – FC Barcelona – 1989

A somehow surprising name here as Rabaseda has never been mentioned in any Draft related articles. It looked like he will play his career in Europe but with this presence, he shows to have NBA ambitions at least somewhere in his mind. The Barcelona player saw his minutes mainly for Cornella this season in LEB Gold and will most likely not be a name in the Draft in the end.

Prediction: withdraws

Stefan Bircevic – 2m09 – PF – Metalac – 1989

Unknown player to me that used this opportunity to get his name around and may be present at the Adidas Eurocamp in Treviso. He saw some minutes in the Balkan League and the Serbian League this season but nothing really to hit the eyes from a statistical point of view.

Prediction: withdraws

Uros Lukovic – 2m12 – C – Radnicki – 1989

What counts for Bircevic is also the case for Lukovic: not very known so far but having played some minutes in the Serbian League and signed with the same agent. We will see what he is able to do in Treviso in June if he gets an invitation.

Prediction: withdraws

Bangaly Fofana – 2m12 – C – ASVEL – 1989

The French Center is certainly one of the main prospects when it comes to athletic and physical gifts. However, Fofana could so far not really crack the tough rotation of ASVEL on a regular basis. He showed sometimes that he can be a factor but still remains really raw. As ASVEL is out of reach for the French playoffs, it is highly likely to see him Treviso where he may impress some NBA teams with his potential.

Prediction: withdraws

Pablo Aguilar – 2m03 – SF/PF – Granada – 1989

Pablo Aguilar had a really nice showing last year in Treviso and there were certainly some NBA teams that have put his name in the books. This year he is back as an early entry candidate and it depends on the ACB playoffs where Granada is not sure to qualify if the forward will be in Treviso again or not. His fundamentally sound play is certainly very interesting for the highest European level but for NBA teams, Aguilar must play fully on the SF spot to be a factor.

Prediction: withdraws

Ousmane Camara – 2m04 – PF – Le Havre – 1989

Camara is a surprising presence here as the French Center could only crack the rotation of the weak Le Havre team late this season. His potential seems to be limited as well as he has neither the size for playing C nor the ball handling skills to move outside the paint. Treviso will be a good opportunity for him to showcase what he is able to do.

Prediction: withdraws

Miralem Halilovic – 2m06 – SF – Fenerbahce – 1991

The Bosnian forward was already last year in Treviso as a late addition and maybe did not get the most looks at as not everybody was aware of him. Still, Halilovic has a good combination of size and skills and can be an interesting player down the road once he gets regular playing time on a good level.

Prediction: withdraws

Dusan Korac – Centar BP – 1991

Totally unknown and no information available on him for me.

Prediction: withdraws

Luc Louves – 2m07 – PF – Maurienne – 1989

Louves has not been seen on courts in France for quite a long time. After leaving Orléans this summer for Aix-Maurienne in the second French division, he did not play one game there so far. 

Prediction: withdraws

Fernando Raposo – 2m06 – PF – Pau-Lacq-Orthez – 1989

The French-Portuguese Fernando Raposo comes of a season in the 2nd French division where he had lots of troubles to get into his rhythm because of injuries. And later on, he went through lots of ups and downs which certainly did not help his draft stock. He will probably be in Treviso and needs to have a better showing there than last summer where he did not really impress anyone.

Prediction: withdraws

Semen Shashkov – 2m00 – SF – Ural Ekaterinburg – 1989

It’s time for Shahskov to show something as the former top prospect is currently playing in the 2nd Russian League only. His potential is of course interesting but so far, he could never really impress anyone with results. Maybe Treviso 2010 will be his coming out party as at least he saw some minutes this season on a correct level.

Prediction: withdraws

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