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Tips for Youth Coaches

If you’re coaching a youth team and you’re struggling to motivate them or generate any respect, then it’s worth considering your approach and trying to think of ways to get your coaching skills back on track. A good coach on a youth team can set those athletes up for the rest of their lives with the right attitude and a good foundation for their future sporting careers.

1) Know Your Stuff

In order to prove to a youth team that you are a worthy source of training and advice, you have to demonstrate a formidable command of basketball knowledge. Read constantly, watch as many games as you can, talk tactics with your coach buddies on, and keep your mind on the game. If you’re quite clearly a walking manual on how to win basketball games, then your team are going to notice.

2) Think Outside the Box

Are your players worried about their accuracy when shooting? Is it preventing them from making attempts? Explain obstacles to your players in different ways to what they’re used to. Remember that you have the advantage of seeing their experience objectively and take advantage of that. For every thing that they see themselves do wrong, you’ve seen them do ten things right. Point this out. Get them to think outside their normal mindset and see the bigger picture. A basketball game shouldn’t hinge on a single shot mid-way.

3) Teach Them Psychology

It doesn’t have to be a full education in Jungian sports analysis – but it does have to be comprehensive enough that they’re able to avoid intimidation and being out-thought by their opponents, and to be able to psych out those opponents. Basketball is a game of body language as well as sporting ability, so ensure that they feel confident and able to feint, trick and psychologically dominate their way to victory. The odd winning celebration doesn’t hurt, either.

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